they said it would go by fast • zoë’s preschool graduation • redondo beach, ca

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In the weeks approaching Zoë’s preschool graduation, I think I was in denial. I just refused to think about it in any personal way, except to remember that I must bring my camera, because I was to shoot the event. I’m not sure how long I’ll use this head-in-the-sand approach to the fleet-footed milestones of childhood; I am barely able to keep up just bearing witness to it all. The upside of my being a pathologically sentimental person is that it makes me a great photographer–because I want to remember all the details. So, clicking away prevented me from melting down–it helped me stay in the present, instead of giving in to the flickering slideshow in my mind of images of Zoë as an infant (first bath, first solid meal, first steps, first pig tails); or alternately jumping ahead in time & imagining her going to prom & walking down the aisle. Just be here, one frame, one/five-hundredths of a second at a time. Just be here, in this moment, truly seeing my child’s funny smile while accepting her diploma.

In the pure spirit of Riviera PlaySchool, the kids were all their impromptu selves: still grubby from playing, perhaps spattered with paint, gathered together for an organic ceremony. Zoë wore three types of camouflage & sported tattoos on legs, arms, & cheek. The director & founder of PlaySchool, Linda, presided over the event, reminding the families how much she & the teachers love these children. Each child received a special book made especially for them by their teachers; it was full of photos of them & the kinds of caring messages that only teachers can write. In addition, each student got a sunflower seed–to plant & to symbolize the future.

I just have to express our deepest gratitude to Linda, Susan, Dawn, Madi, & Katie, these gifted teachers of heroic patience, humor, & kindness. Everyday, they make PlaySchool a safe, loving, stimulating, fun environment for my children to learn & grow, & give them the attention & guidance that I hardly think I’m even capable of at home. You are all amazing human beings to choose this vocation–& all of us benefit from your calling.

Congratulations to all the graduates & their misty-eyed mommies & daddies…

Spread the Love
July 6, 2011 - 10:12 pm

Mary Oh Alice!!! Congrats to Zoe and to you too-for an amazing daughter and beautiful photos.

July 7, 2011 - 2:19 am

Alithea What an achievement! Congrats to Zoe & the whole family…great photos as always 🙂

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