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rock & water • wang bo • shaolin monk & kung fu shifu

My daughter recently started taking kung fu at the Shaolin Temple school near our home. The first time we met Yuan Shifu & Wang Shifu, we knew that we had finally found the teachers we were looking for–their presence is strong & caring, & their expertise is obvious. (I was also excited that Zoë might […]

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games fans • new friends from reebok @ crossfit hax • harbor city, ca

This month’s big event in the CrossFit world was the 2011 CrossFit Games, where competitors from all over the globe come for a chance to earn the name “Fittest on Earth.” This was also the first year that the Games had sponsorship from Reebok, who outfitted all the athletes & are bringing the CrossFit method […]

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strong is sexy • ladies of the la temptation @ crossfit hax • harbor city, ca

Recently, I finally got to spend some time at my husband Max’s new gym space in Harbor City. His “box” is part of a larger athletic facility called HAX, which specializes in basketball tournaments & camps, but also includes a fully-equipped fitness space. Max is the director of the CrossFit division of HAX. CrossFit started […]

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