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sand & skin • figure studies • nevada desert

I am digging into my film archives lately & rediscovering some wonderful images that I have not seen in a long time. I am surprised by how the texture of film is really so different than digital–and how much a I have missed grain & didn’t know it. I’ve been seduced by the clarity of […]

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christina • boudoir session

Ah…film. How I miss it. I shot Christina with a Contax 645 & Ilford XP2 & Kodak 400VC (those just sound like the names of good old friends!). There just seemed to be a velvety quality about these images, which so perfectly evoked Christina’s essence & effortless beauty. She embodies a sexiness that is both […]

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kathy • boudoir session

Kathy is that stunning woman you envy for her beauty–and then she tells a totally low-brow, dirty joke & tells it well, & then you love her!  She was so fun to shoot, because she didn’t take herself too seriously.  She’s undeniably gorgeous, so no matter how much we laughed in-between shots, she made my […]

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